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Future of this site – Please read

I’m sure you know, most of the simple web filesharing options disappeared overnight quite often in very ugly way. I also believe you know, that this site was able to operate thanks to small payments from them.
It may not look like, but it’s very time consuming to maintain site like this. Desing and put together the site, look for the video sources, download, re-encode, crop, trim, check and sometimes correct audio sync, find covers and details, prepare files, upload them, check them, prepare the posts, reupload deleted files, solve webhosting problems,…
For all this we earned between $1 and $3 daily. Even though we enjoy sharing the stuff with you and giving the less fortunate with slow internet access chance to get high quality vids, we need at least this amount to cover the related costs and as a appreciation of our time spend.
We don’t want any memberships (even though sponsors should have some advantages) or to poison the site with ads, so this is probably the only solution. It’s a bet. If we created the community viable enough to keep this going we’ll be happy to continue. If not, we failed and future of this site is not very bright.
Thanks for reading up to here and PLEASE VOTE at the poll on the right.

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