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Encoder and Uploader Wanted!

I’ve started this site as a first blog focusing on small size releases (at least in English). After almost one year, during which I shared with you more than 100 exclusive videos, this site still doesn’t seem to have any real competitor that would do more than steal files from others.
After lots of effort and troubles this site finally looks and works almost as I imagined. The only problem is now my schedule and internet connection which both prevent me to post more than a post per a day or two. And the poll result from is quite clear, that the exclusive releases are far most wanted by visitors.
If anyone would like to participate in this project to grow more, please let me know by ShoutMix or contact form .
There’s only very few requirements, I’ll gladly explain and assist the converting and posting process (日本語でも説明がなんとかできます!^_^) if needed and it will give you small but stable income. Maybe more importantly it’s good feeling to share your work and the movies you like.
Waiting for you… :)

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